How Effective is Laser Hair Removal on The Face


Having surplus hair on the face is one of the most humiliating problems that many females are suffering from. While men folk may easily get away with this problem by shaving, this wouldn’t work in the case of womenfolk, so they need to select expensive and painful hair removal approaches. However, at the present time, medical science has made noteworthy progressions in facial hair removal approaches and amid those, modern and pioneering methods such as laser treatment permit women to get rid of undesirable facial hair. Maximum females and males nowadays prefer to look appropriately groomed and facial hair removal is an imperative aspect that gives them the most sought-after striking look. Gone are the days when individuals used to use provisional methods like waxing, tweezing, threading, sugaring, depilatory creams, etc. for unsolicited facial hair removal. Currently, progressively more individuals prefer this perpetual method of facial hair removal as they do not have time to expend in the beauty parlors or their homes trying to discard the undesirable hair growth. The finest option and the most effective kind of permanent facial hair removal is the laser hair removal.

Undesirable hair on females and girls often appears on chin, sides of the face and on upper lip. Before you are going to confiscate the undesirable hair via appropriate hair removal method, first recognize the causes of the uncharacteristic hair growth and pinpoint whether it is hormonal or a natural procedure. If the growth on your face is uncharacteristic or if the hair is profuse, you need to refer your doctor to determine the actual causes before you are going to take a surgery or treatment. Laser treatment is the latest weapon to confiscate excess hair. The individual who has dark hair and dark skin is most apt contender for laser hair removal. However, optimum outcomes can also be accomplished on dark-skinned females if the laser practitioner is more experienced in dealing such cases. Overall, laser treatment is not very effective on white hair or light blonde.

The Process: Laser hair Removal

The elementary norm that is involved in laser treatment is selective photothermolysis, which is matching of a particular light and wavelength and duration of pulse to attain optimum effect on targeted tissue with trifling effect on nearby tissue. The perpetual elimination of undesirable facial hair has freshly become the most demanded cosmetic improvements for both males and females all across the globe. The superlative and the rapider way for this is to set your sights on the laser hair removal technique. This technique uses a laser beam for the purpose of confiscating the undesirable facial hair. A laser beam is a concentrated light ray of a certain wavelength which concentrates the whole light beam on a specific point occasioning in high emission of heat energy. The derivative heat energy will lead through the skin surface and burn the hair follicle which finally gets incapacitated. Hundreds of hair follicles can be treated in chorus and hence it is the superlative option of perpetual facial hair removal. The laser beam that is guided through the skin will not cause any impairment to the skin and this procedure is totally painless. The treated skin may appear red or pink after treatment. This reddish spot on the skin will evaporate after few minutes in some circumstances and in others, after a couple of hours.

How effective is laser hair removalHair removal via laser has become prevalent owing to its effectiveness and rapidity, although result depends upon the experience and abilities of the doctor and availability and choice of numerous laser technologies that are used for this process. This procedure would take few minutes to some hours, which will also depend on the targeted region of the body. In this procedure, low-energy laser will be used. Laser ray is passed through the patient’s skin, which is then captivated by the follicles of the hair. Few hair follicles are enduringly and promptly incapacitated with each treatment. In maximum cases, anesthesia is not needed. Regions of the face are small, so they don’t necessitate too much tie. Usually, a treatment for the eyebrows takes approximately 15 minutes. To achieve finest outcomes, typically four to six treatments are required. The length of the facial hair removal sittings also differs from individual to individual contingent on the nature of their skin, the color of their hair and also the density of the unsolicited facial hair. In the normal situations, 2 to 3 laser hair removal treatment sittings are required. It will go up to 5 to 8 sittings for individuals with light colored hairs or tanned skin.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Today, facial laser hair removal is one of the most prevalent and finest ways of getting rid of undesirable hair. I can tell you certainly that it is a safe and time-saving procedure. Laser hair reduction treatment has all the benefits over other approaches like waxing, shaving, plucking and electrolysis. Although it may firstly seem to cost more than these old-style methods, it will eventually be cost-effective for you in due course. In facial laser hair removal, a low energy laser beam is directed towards a cluster of hair follicles. It extinguishes the root without affecting the adjacent skin. This is maybe the most attention-grabbing aspect about it. It is a reasonably pain-free process. If you are uncomfortable, experts executing the treatment can give a topical anesthetic to give you a feeling of impassiveness. But there is no need to worry even slightly. I can assure you of the fact that most individuals can bear the process reasonably well and do not need any anesthetics. Also, side-effects are seldom seen. Other advantages include:

  • A gentle and non-invasive method, which eradicates unwanted hair from the face
  • Leaves the skin looking smoother and velvety
  • It confiscates more than one hair at a time, so this is used to treat big areas very commendably
  • Less uneasiness
  • Substitutes electrolysis, razors and waxing
  • You can instantaneously recommence your daily routine
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