How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Are you searching here, there, and everywhere for a way to perpetually cure premature ejaculation (PE)? Is it possible to relish sex without any support from myriad of sprays, creams and pills? Does that remain as a reverie for you? If you think you have grieved enough, feeling unsatisfied and humiliated every time you have sex with your spouse, or if all you wish is to gain control over your ejaculation and last longer in bed, then read on…

If you are encountering the problem of not lasting long enough in bed, there is possibly something which you don’t know about how to cure premature ejaculation naturally. If your erection cannot last as long as you craved it to be, you are perhaps suffering from early ejaculation. Early or premature ejaculation is a common and traumatic issue encountered by many males. There are millions of males in the world who are suffering from premature ejaculation. Pre-mature ejaculation can put a real impediment on your sex life. Now, you can make your wife much cheerier with your performance if you will learn how to cure premature ejaculation naturally. On the whole, a majority of males never seem to last more than on average six minutes during intercourse. For some males, this is unsatisfying and distressing. Not only does premature ejaculation cause bedroom worries, it can result in disloyalty, tension and other medical disorders.

Why is premature ejaculation a pest for men?

Premature ejaculation is one of the most excruciating problems that a man can face. If you have ever had a problem of premature ejaculation, then you know how it feels. Right when you were getting into it with your partner, you feel your orgasm on the way and nothing that you do can halt it. Minutes into sex, it is over and you are left feeling mortified and humiliated. Your girl is left unfulfilled and very upset. All you desire to do is to last longer in bed. You wish to last longer because you are disappointed when the sex is over so speedily too. You want to be able to relish it more and make it more satisfying for your spouse. A solution for premature ejaculation is just what you require. Lots of males who are desperate for a solution go to great lengths but you don’t have to do this. You can chase away your problem and last longer in bed without expending scores of money on artificial products that aren’t going to work.

Natural ways to cure premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues lots of males. It is a very disconcerting problem that can be demoralizing for your relationship. You should be able to gratify your lady at night and it certainly is a bang to your self-confidence when you see her continuously saddened. There are a multiplicity of ways on how to cure premature ejaculation without the assistance of a doctor and can be done with simple things that can be found at your home or purchased at the store. Read on to unravel the secrets on how to cure premature ejaculation naturally!

Hibiscus essence

For those eyeing for ways on how to cure premature ejaculation, you can try getting some hibiscus essence and thinning it with around ¼ cup water. This can help construct a closeness feeling. Research shows that the number one cause of premature ejaculation is a lack of emotional affection. You should drink this mixture about three times every day to recouple with your spouse.


Another way for those hunting for ways on how to cure premature ejaculation, you can take a ginseng add-on. Ginseng is one of the most effective herbs for curing premature ejaculation. It has been used for eras in treating health glitches associated with reproductive organs. It revivifies your body, lowers nervousness and anxiety and thus helps you overcome the early ejaculation issue.


As asparagus is a common vegetable and can upsurge your sexual dexterity. This is because it encompasses numerous essential vitamins and is opulent in iodine. This mixture of nutrients boosts the manufacturing of sexual hormones, principally testosterone. In addition to assisting a man overcome PE, these hormones also improve the general health and vivacity of an individual which is important for long and satiating sexual intercourse.


Ashwagandha is an antique Indian herb. It has been in use at length and is usually used to treat numerous complications such as premature ejaculation. Ashwagandha is prevalently known to have the aptitude of refurbishing the energy and fortitude for sex. It augments blood flow particularly during sexual arousal. This herb also has the aptitude to cure other sexual syndromes like impotence and erection dysfunction. It also aids to relieve stress and improves your concentration. This in turn improves your capability to overcome premature ejaculation.

Think positive

Another way on to cure premature ejaculation is to think all of your fears to go away as far as performance is concerned. Every day, close your eyes and think yourself as being in front of a big crowd of people. Tell these folks you have to be excused and envisage yourself walking down a long quiet hallway. Strive to relax yourself walking down that passage to a noiseless room where you and your spouse will have sex.


Many males rush through foreplay and don’t really turn on their spouse. Take more time and tune everything else out besides your spouse. Don’t keep talking about yourself or getting an erection. Just tune into your partner and satiate them. By doing this, you are taking longer to get an erection which in turn results in a longer duration. Strive to make the sex last at least an average of 15 minutes if not longer. Let the foreplay to intensify into actual intercourse.


Even though you are only with your wife, you can also try wearing a condom as one more way on how to cure premature ejaculation. The purpose of a condom is to help lessen the sensitivity to the penis and is intended to help your duration last. There are numerous diverse condoms available. So, try a few diverse ones to see which ones give you the finest outcomes. They range from sensitive to extra sensitive and in diverse flavors also. Try some different brands as no two condoms are made identical.


If you wish to cure premature ejaculation naturally, then there are some things that you can begin doing instantaneously. Masturbating before sex is a remarkable way to relieve nerves and tension. This will aid you to last longer during sex since all of that tension and pressure isn’t assembled up anymore. No longer are you a bomb just waiting to blast.


Another way to cure this issue naturally is to mediate. This is how you reeducate your body and mind to work as one. With hordes of meditation, you can last for hours in bed with your wife.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is the renowned exercise which males could practice to improve ejaculatory control. This is the workout which you can practice to strengthen the love muscles in your pelvis. These muscles are universally known as PC muscles or Pubococcygea muscles. They are positioned in your pelvis. These are the vigorous muscles that control ejaculation and will influence the time that you could last before heading for the shower after sex. These muscles could be hardened up to the point that you could control when you want to climax during intercourse. The sturdier PC muscles will aid you to relax these muscles at will. During the relaxed phase, ejaculation will not occur. This workout can be learned and executed at home. It will help to give you far more remarkable sexual strengths!

Pelvic muscle clench

This method is more rigorous and necessitates grander effort. What you have to do is hold your contraction for a lengthier period, i.e. about 10 seconds, as equated to the flexing/contraction of 2-3 seconds. This will keep your pelvic muscle in its finest form. In doing this workout, remember to breathe in when you flex the muscle and breathe out when you relax it.

Eating the right food

Do you know that eating the veracious foods can help in curing prompt ejaculation? Look forward to the foods which are opulent in anthocyanins and omega fatty acids. These are the foods suggested by medical experts for males who are suffering from premature ejaculation issue.

Control your mind

Guys, just admit to this, the largest sex organ is not in between your legs. The way how you approach sex will decide how long you can last in bed. If you approach it with sensuality in mind as contrasting to sexuality, this will make an immense difference. You can continue forever and your spouse would still get her unbiased portion of fulfillment. Many males permit the penetrating sensations of sex to rule over their heads. An over-stimulation of a man’s anatomy is often the main cause of premature ejaculation. Performance apprehension can cause you to ejaculate ahead of time as well. This is because your body seeks an opening to release bottled up tensions during such stage. The things that run through your mind could make you climax faster. Give a ride to the appropriate relaxation and breathing methods and these can help to calm your nerves and control your ejaculation.

Control your breathing

The solution to how to cure premature ejaculation naturally lies in how you control the stimulation in your body. Adjusting your breathing pattern is one of the common approaches. Males tend to breathe fast and shallow during intercourse. This is because of the pleasure they are experiencing. This will definitely cause an early stimulus and ejaculation. So as to avert premature ejaculation, you must control your inhalation. Take in slow and deep pants. This will absolutely help to inhibit premature ejaculation. It will hold back the speediness of your stimulation.

Disengage yourself

A useful method on how to cure premature ejaculation spins around a concept, i.e. by keeping your stimulus at bay and by disengaging yourself from the sexual pleasure. This is another common technique and will undoubtedly aid you to avert premature ejaculation. This is a conventional technique which has been confirmed to work in assisting men to last longer in bed. You need to identify your feeling when you are close on the point of no return. The point of no return means a stage where ejaculation has become so in the offing and inescapable. Before that feeling tags along, you nib it in the bud by either separating yourself from your spouse a moment or two or subjugating your mind with other non-stimulating stuffs, for instance, football, your grandma’s cooking, etc. You can also shift your concentration from your pleasure to her pleasure by giving her oral sex or stimulating her pleasure spots. This technique does not only help postponing your orgasm and ejaculation, it will also upsurge your ejaculation volume! In fact, it is one of the easiest approaches on how to cure premature ejaculation naturally.

Apply pressure to your perineum

The perineum is the soft area between your scrotum and anus. When you are getting to an orgasm, the prostate gland will enlarge and contract before the semen is ejected via the urethra tube. You can stop the current by simply pressing your perineum with your fingers. You can also show and ask your spouse to do it for you by giving her clear guidance on when, where and how to press it.

Try varying sexual positions

Numerous fellows get to orgasm and ejaculate quicker in the position of man on top. They can last longer when their wife is on top. But, bear in mind that the preference of sexual position differs very broadly.

If you categorically wish to say adios to your premature ejaculation issue, then, follow these simple natural tips and exercises. After some weeks, you will notice the transformation in your aptitude to control your ejaculation and orgasm.

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